In addition to weather forecast services, Weathernet offers hourly site specific pavement/runway temperature and condition forecasts. These forecasts can be a very useful tool for transportation operations decision makers as to when road surfaces may freeze and cause snow/ice formation. Pavement forecasts are updated every hour and can be tuned to a road weather information system (RWIS) site or initialized from forecast model data.

The forecast data can be viewed either in a graphical or tabular format out 48 hours on a mobile friendly web portal. Also included in the hourly pavement/runway forecast data will be a variety of atmospheric parameters.

Pavement graphics are interactive providing detailed information simply by hovering over the displayed curves. Users can also click/drag across the graph to zoom in on a particular time of interest. These graphics are mobile friendly making it easy to check on a forecast while on the go.


While graphical information can be easy to digest quickly, sometimes users would rather look at the raw data. Hourly point forecast data is also made available in tabular format for details of what the forecast model is expecting to happen.

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