Weathernet, which today serves as the weather operations arm of The Narwhal Group, was founded in 1983 by a small team of meteorologists near Seattle, Washington. Focused from the very beginning on a high level of customer service, Weathernet has grown to forecast and consult for hundreds of clients across the United States and Canada in the road weather, airport operations, construction, and event/entertainment industries. This experience has also extended to energy, manufacturing, agriculture, and educational clients in recent years.

Throughout the past four decades, for each client, Weathernet has focused on localizing and customizing specific weather-related impacts to their decision-making process. One of Weathrnet's core values is to allow our clients immediate, 24/7 access to meteorologists for forecast updates and consultation. Weathernet's team of specialized meteorologists is continually striving to deliver the best customer service and operations support in the industry with unparalleled accuracy, ultimately helping our clients make the most informed and effective operational decisions.

With our 2015 merger with The Narwhal Group, a full-service technology firm, Weathernet has been able to strengthen its technology offerings to clients while maintaining a continued high level of customer service. In addition to forecasting and consulting, Weathernet provides road weather information systems (RWIS) instrumentation solutions - planning, design, installation, programming, and maintenance. Weathernet also has a close partnership with Campbell Scientific.

Today, Weathernet has primary offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Bellevue, Washington; as well as satellite offices in British Columbia, Missouri, and Wyoming.

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